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Roseate Glow Sugar Frosting

About Us

SHARON BEAUTY is an offspring of Shivangi Jain's mind. An idea which started off in 2021 has finally took a shape in 2022. After endless trial and error, we have come up with a non toxic non irritating formula which heals all skin types. Our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction and we have heavily pondered upon the right ingredients. It is an effort from our side to present a gentle, effective and simplified skincare that can easily fit in our customer's routine. With benefits of natural oils and butter, let your skin absorb natural goodness. Quench your skin's thirst for nourishment and hydration.

Shivangi Jain - Founder of Sharon Beauty



Skin and body care is something which I am is really passionate about. Finally in 2022,  I got a chance making my dream turn into reality, which you all know as  "SHARON BEAUTY". 

"Through Sharon Beauty, I want to give people the products which are not only organic and not hard on your skin but also leave amazing aroma lingering behind".

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