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Rose Hydrosol

Introducing our Rose Hydrosol, a product crafted through the delicate steam distillation process of rose essential oil derived from the petals of fragrant and beautifully scented rose flowers. Renowned for its versatility in cosmetics, Rose Hydrosol is a beloved floral water used in various skincare applications.


For centuries, Pure Rose Floral Hydrosol has been cherished for its deep, invigorating, and enchanting floral aroma that mimics the scent of freshly bloomed roses, offering a mesmerizing and refreshing experience. Moreover, our Rose Hydrosol serves as an excellent source of vitamin F, a nourishing fatty acid comprising linoleic acid and alpha-linoleic acid. Naturally rich in vitamin C, roses have been treasured for their skincare benefits.


Our Rose Hydrosol makes a remarkable addition to beauty care recipes, particularly as a skin toning additive. It also shines as a standalone facial toner, effectively toning and tightening the skin with regular use.


Ideal for addressing rough skin texture, dry skin, and signs of aging and sunburn, rose hydrosol offers a multitude of benefits for your skin's well-being.


How to use

To indulge in its refreshing effects, simply spray the Rose Hydrosol onto your face and body. Feel free to reapply as desired throughout the day.


Best Before - 12 months


Benefits of Rose Hydrosol


Reduces redness: Experience the soothing power of rose hydrosol as it minimizes the appearance of redness and calms accompanying skin irritation. It is renowned for its ability to calm and soothe sensitive skin.


Moisturizes: Hydration is essential for healthy-looking skin, and our Rose Hydrosol naturally provides a light and cooling moisture boost, thanks to its natural oils.


Calms inflammation: With its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, Rose Hydrosol offers relief for irritated skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis.


Balances skin: Achieve a balanced complexion with Rose Hydrosol's ability to clarify and restore the skin's natural pH balance. It also helps control excess oil, making it a great choice for oily skin types.


Minimizes pores: Experience a more refined and smooth complexion as Rose Hydrosol aids in removing impurities that clog pores, resulting in the appearance of minimized and tightened pores.


Helps damaged skin: Packed with antioxidants, our Rose Hydrosol helps combat signs of environmental damage and fortifies the skin against sun damage, offering regenerative benefits for sun-damaged tissue.


Supports aging skin: Embrace the age-defying properties of rose water and Rose Hydrosol. Our product helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while promoting a plump and firm complexion.


Replenishes dull, dehydrated skin: Experience an instant revitalization as Rose Hydrosol gently removes impurities, unveiling vibrant and glowing skin. Its perfect blend of hydration, moisture, and toning capabilities will leave your skin feeling refreshed.